Smart Studios

→ Art Direction, Design & Development

One of my first projects out of school was to work on the new identity and website for my friends at Smart Studios in Madison. The studio has been gone for a number of years now as the owners have moved on to much bigger/better things (aka. Garbage). 

The projected included an ADDY Award-winning Flash-based website (it was big back then!), a new logo and identity package.

Logo & Identity Package

Tre Stange

is the heart and soul of Diversionary Tactic. Experienced in art direction, graphic design and web development, Tre knows what it takes to create an experience for clients of any size or shape.

Wisconsin Raised

from a wee lad, Tre has worked with some of the area's most forward thinking companies. Interested in learning how Tre and Diversionary Tactic can help build what you need, send a message!