Stubby’s Gastrogrub & Beer Bar

→ Art Direction, Design & Development

This was a multiphased project that included some pretty nifty stuff. The website development included integration with Untappd to display the current tap list in realtime. On top of that, we created a webpage that displayed the same Untappd data and styled it for them to physically print their beer menu in-house whenever needed. Stubby's Gastrogrub & Beer Bar

The project also included a food and brunch menu redesign and a logo design for the Stub Club.

Responsive website, Untappd & CMS integration. Menu layout and design. Stub Club logo.

Tre Stange

is the heart and soul of Diversionary Tactic. Experienced in art direction, graphic design and web development, Tre knows what it takes to create an experience for clients of any size or shape.

Wisconsin Raised

from a wee lad, Tre has worked with some of the area's most forward thinking companies. Interested in learning how Tre and Diversionary Tactic can help build what you need, send a message!